Where should I looking for low poly trees, grass, vegetation?

Hi! So I wondering where should I looking for this stuff? Is there any free software which allows to generate low poly trees, bushes and similar objects? I know that I should make this by myself, but sometimes software like this is very usefull in personal project where you don’t have time to create every detail of project, you don’t have people for that - you are alone, just making stuff

I know about SpeedTree but is there any free or less expensive alternative software?

I personally don’t know of any software that “auto” generates it, thanks for the reference to speedtree I’ll look that up, but there are occasionally a handful of artists who like to release their work and that’s what I’d personally keep an eye on. Here’s a link to a starter pack that I’m enjoying personally and I’m using it in my own project as placeholder vegetation until I can spare the time to make my own :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

Free Foliage Starter Kit

I use SpeedTree myself as it integrates nicely with UE4…A quick Google search found this list which contains some free tools: Plant Software Tools

Also take a look at those sites :slight_smile:
and the UE4 marketplace

Sorry fighter didn’t mean to link to your kit first I swear! >.< it is an awesome one though!

Wow! Tree[d] looks awesome! Thanks all for comments, it was really helpful :slight_smile:

No problem :wink:

TreeD is good but you have to make the Lods yourself. ForsterPro is o.k and for $30 it’s pritty cheap.