Where is this CameraActor coming from?

I deleted all cameras in my base pawn and all its children and created 2 custom events CreateUnitCamera and DestroyUnitCamera that the base pawn calls on possess and unpossess respectively, which creates a spring arm with a camera attached, and deletes the springarm and attached children again respectively.

I have my player spawning into the level at a playerstart and a second base pawn child class placed in the level.

Possessing either of them leads to a camera being spawned at their centers with no control what so ever. However a cameractor gets spawned even when I select ‘none’ as my playercameramanager class in my playercontroller.

I tried using a playercameramanager with a tick to add Z movement to itself as well as tried adding +1500 Z when the camera is created in the player controller. Both had no effect.

When I place the Create/Destroy custom events in my base pawn and call them on Possess/Unpossess they work as intended however I wanted to move them to the PC since I will have many units that will dynamically be spawning in/out of the level and the player pawn will have additonal cameras that need to be congrolled so I dont want to have to loop through and deactive all cameras in the level constantly and constantly activate the one camera I need.

Why is my current setup leading to this default cameraActor being spawned, and from where possibly. Also it spawns at 0,0,0 and the cameras spawned in the PC are the ones that spawn at the pawns center.

TLDR: What could be spawning a cameraActor at 0,0,0 with no control?

Try debugging, printing everything and come to a conclusion. Try printing the name of the cameras you spawn, save them and compare if its the same as the camera in the center…
Checks if when you attach the camera, its location updates correctly.

I have no idea what’s causing your camera to go to the center of the level, but these are the first steps I always do when I have something odd in my game.

I think the PC does the possessing and Pawns do the heavy lifting. How is your possess set up?

Here’s a simple possess:

I have GUI buttons that allow you to possess the next/previous base pawn boat class (pawn) but whether those are touched or not by default I just have the players pawn class setup in the gamemode defaults and its spawned into a playerstart (and thus automatically possessed by the player controller?)

Updated to 4.12 will see what happens, really wanna enjoy 'dem reflections.

Just realized for the first time ever that for the first 5-100 frames of a level start your gamemodes pawn isnt spawned and possessed. So something is creating that cameractor throwing off everything (although why cant I add offset to the created camera on the PC (PC_Camera_C_41 or whatever) when ticking into that node or calling the OnPossess CreateUnitCamera is beyond me ATM) while there is NO pawn in the level that is considered the “CurrentPlayerPawn”, which is a variable I have set in the game isntance that almost every class looks to and checks if its valid to get the current player pawn, since it changes throughout the game.

I checked the names while debugging everything and its creating the spring arm and camera, and also the random 0,0,0 cameraator and I can use the cameras and spring arm to look around a tiny bit (clamped by default) but I cant use my zoom timeline on mousewheel up/down nor can I add camera offset as above, or chagne the springarm length or anhything. It createws the camera and springarm at 0,0,0 on the pawn and acts as though teh spring arm length of 2500 is actually 0 and AddLocalOffset(0,0,1500) is 0,0,0 or not even there.