Where is the 'final pass' in the shader ush/usf file structure?

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the beginner question but I haven’t been able to find an answer in docs or the googles.

I am currently playing around with custom shading models, and whilst i can manage to get the results mostly where i want them, i cant get the exact results i need.

I want to dictate the exact on screen (pre-post) colours of a material, but the way lighting is applied to the diffuse colour is a little odd, and I have no idea where that is in code.

So primarily, if someone could direct me to where the return ‘OutColor’ of function DeferredLightPixelMain in file DeferredLightPixelShaders.usf is used, and, if it is somewhere else, where the rendering pipeline applies lighting to the diffuse colours, that would be fantastic!

If relevant I am on UE4.20.2 right now but I’m sure the structure hasn’t changed much in recent patches.

Finally if anyone knows any good learning resources on the rendering pipeline in UE4 please suggest them, it would be greatly appreciated!