Where is the documentation for C++ PLUS blueprints?

So I started from the basic C++ FPS tutorial, and added some variables I declared as UPROPERTY. However, I have no idea how to use them in blueprints. The thing is I’m not really have any blueprints right now because I’m using the startup FPS sample, which only has C++ code.

UPDATE: Found the option to show the inherited variables now. Still, more documentation would certainly help.

The Class Creation Basics page contains examples of the same class made with Blueprints, C++, and a combination of C++ and Blueprints, and may help you understand how C++ and Blueprints can work together for your game. Is this FPS tutorial the one you started from? It actually gets you from a blank project to the FPS Code Template stage, and we tried to cover Blueprints inheriting from C++ classes, adding components in Blueprints to a custom C++ class, and setting asset references for C+±declared variables in a Blueprint. If you have any questions though, I’d be happy to try to answer or point you at documentation and samples that might help! :slight_smile: