Where is Data dump for UE4Editor?

Is there a website for dumping editor settings similar to pastebin.com for code or blueprintUE.com for pasting Blue Print?

I ask this because it can be tedious scrubbing videos to discover editor settings and want to know where I can find editor settings without having to scrub tedious videos all the time.

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Rob Brooks
Rob — Instructor
· 4 days ago

I’m not sure too be honest, I’ve never
tried downloading Blueprints or
settings, I tend to just set them up
myself. If you’re struggling to find
something, Unreal tends to be really
good with their search boxes so you
can home in on what setting you want
to change. Also, I’m not sure if the
Editor settings has it, but under the
project settings you can export things
like your input mappings which can be
useful, so there could be something
like that.

close as I have found… nobody knows…