Where does game launcher store what version of engine is installed?

I am installing unreal engine on several PCs in my school. unreal constantly keeps upgrading the version but i need to keep things standardized on one version. If our students start a class and they download the software at home, they only get the option to download the latest version. i tried copying the folder from a PC at school to the same location on a home PC but the launcher doesn’t recognize its there.

how can i take a version from out school ex 4.12.1 and install it on students PCs at home?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games.
On the ue4 launcher you can click on add versions then you can pick what one you want in the new empty tab it made

Hi ggarza,

Unfortunately when installing the binary Engine via the Launcher, it will always install the latest hotfix for the version you are installing. So, if you install 4.12, you will have 4.12.5 installed. There is no way to install a specific hotfix version, such as 4.12.1, when you install the Engine via the Launcher. The only way to get a specific hotfix version would be to use the tag for that hotfix on GitHub to download the source code, and then build the Engine. This probably would not be ideal for your needs.

If you do not plan on updating the Engine at all, it may be helpful to install the latest hotfix for the previous Engine version. Currently that would provide you with 4.11.2. It is quite unlikely that we will be releasing any further hotfixes for 4.11, so there should be no more updates for that version. Students would then be able to install 4.11 at home from the Launcher and have the same hotfix as the installations on the school systems.