Where do I start???

Hi, so me and a few friends have begun development of our first game, and my role in the group is the programmer. We will be presenting in 5 months time, so I decided to just start off with Blueprints, as I wouldn’t have enough time to learn to code in c++ and make the game in that time period. However. Once we have a basic game put together, being the programmer, I would have to learn c++. So was just wondering what would be the best way of learning it (do you know a specific course?) . I have never really coded before, so am pretty new to this sought of thing. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there, I’ve been a long time lurker here but I think I can help! First off do you know any other programming languages? If so GREAT! That will make learning C++ more of learning syntax and what goes where.
If not, well it’s not going to be easy at all. Sorry about that, C++ is fairly low level programming and even though you may not need all the info, I think these sites may help.
Depending on your budget I would recommend starting with 3DBuzz C++ 101 and 3DBuzz C++ 102. I don’t know your skill level (and its for XNA & C#) but their XNA Volume 1 walks you through all of the basic concepts, from what are variables to Classes to Inheritance and beyond, that video series taught me more than my college did. And once you have the basics down, learning any language is simply a matter of rules (syntax) and practice.

Infinite Skills also has some really good training on straight C++. As far as C++ and UE4 goes, The Wiki Tutorials cover both C++ and blueprint and are a pretty good place to start. But it won’t be easy without any previous programming practice. And as of right now that’s about it as far as I know for UE4 and C++, No books or video series that I know of. Hopefully someone writes one soon.

Although I’ve never used them there are sites like Lynda and (FREE) Learn, if you google just Learn C++ there are a lot of video’s and sites to help you, but it’s not easy at all. I hope that helped (sorry if I bummed you out) If you stick with it, you could be as good as Rama some day! And once you get the “Idea” of what programming is, and how it works (on a fundamental level) the whole thing gets much much easier.

Its a bit like playing Dark Souls for 1000+ hours, eventually you get good at it! lol