Where do I find my unreal engine license?

I created an epic account, downloaded unreal engine followed the prompts and chose an unreal engine publisher license. I assume this also means that I received an unreal engine license. I can open up unreal engine and play around with it.
When I try to sign up to quixel with my epic account (which needs an unreal license) I get “account not found”. I’ve contacted them but that didn’t solve it.
I’ve looked at my account information (eula history has publisher license file) and in developer portal (in team section, doesn’t mention any licenses unless these are other licenses).
Could anyone tell me where I can find which license I have?

The Publisher EULA you have on file in your account information is your UE license agreement. Can you provide more detail on what steps you took to link your Quixel account and what error message you are seeing?

Sorry for the late response. I think my previous answer didn’t register. Thank you for answering my question. I wasn’t quite sure about my license. Someone at quixel helped me out with my problem (logging into their website).