Where can I sell my game for free?

Well I lost the source code of my game named “The Future Attack”. Here’s the trailer of that game . I have even released the demo version of my game so what I wanna do is that convert that demo to full version and then sell it online so that I could get money to start creating games again. I don’t have money to sell my game on platforms like steam as they ask for 100$ and I don’t have that much amount of budget. I want a much better platform where I can sell my game for free so please tell me some websites where I can sell this game made by me.

There’s nothing that sells your game for free, even if you hosted yourself you’d have to pay the credit card companies a percentage fee for handling the charges.

You’ll have to face the other side of the industry called “Marketing”.

Google “Indie game publishers” or “Indie game publishers list” start googling, researching and sending a lot of e-mails, until you get clear picture of your opportunities and chances.