Where can I download the demos?

Hey everyone! So I just got UE4 today after just being fascinated with the amazing demos. I think tomorrow I’d like to follow the tutorials on the UE4 YouTube channel, but for now I’d like to try out the demos. I have been working with C4D for years and UE4 has some similarities but also its differences so I’ll take my time and learn the ins and outs of UE4. Anyway, in the mean time I really wanted to fool around demos however I don’t know how to or where to open them on UE4. I know, I know super noob haha, I am seriously sorry for my ignorance toward this software, but yeah that’s all I need help with. So yeah if you read this and replied, Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

In the launcher you select marketplace and download the demo you want from there, then go to the library (again in the launcher) and select open under the installed demo.

Thank you!!!

Watch all the tutorial videos! I love UE4 but for the first weekend I was completely lost until I watched the videos, even the simple ones about moving items in the editor, stuff I thought I would know from prior experience in other applications

UE4 makes this easy ish but there is STILL a lot to do to make a game

4.5 now have link to official video, so its even easier. The Introduction to blueprint & Material are relating watch. Be sure to not just watch, but also follow though in UE4.