WHERE Are the Errror Trapping Routines in this engine?

TO PREVENT CRASHES. For the engine all crashed when I tried to import a skeleton and the engine told me if I wanted to overwrite the asset, I selected yes, only to find, warning this will invalidate all compressed data, do you wish to rebuild skeleton hireachy?

And then CRASH.

Where are the error trapping routines to prevent the crashes?

It’s lazy coding to let the engine all crash with no safety net put in place. WHY is epic doing this? its making things alot more harder instead of easier. If there is a missing root bone in a skeleton, HAVE A option TO ADD IT. Simple Fixed. instead of letting the engine crash and burn and CAUSE US TO WASTE HOURS OF TIME to try to make up for LOST WORK. Especially those who have large projects or many assets, it takes AGES for this engine to fire everything all back up again.

Need to also know if mixamo rigs need to use 45 bone (three finger chain) or standard 65 bone (4 finger chain).

There’s something also in this engine that is causing my computer to crash. It cannot load Infiltrator, I cannot load Shooter, and just crashes during the loading of assets, but when I check the shooter log file as to the cause of the crash I find, texture file MISSING ERRORS in the log it did NOT install all of shooter project files 100% properly on my machine. usually the launcher would tell you if the project is compatable with your engine version or not but because of missing files, the project could not run and crashed instead.