When you make a child actor, it comes with an Event Tick -> Parent: Tick, how do you get these?

This is super basic but I hope someone can answer. Its basically the orange node that you get within child actors that allow you not to overwrite everything going on with the same event in the parent, see attachement. I ask this because I have a custom event from the parent that I need to use in the child as well.

Im not sure what is your question, but if you have custom event in base bp, then that event is inherited into all childs… For example, i have shoot function in base character on L-click, and on other characters which are childs, i dont need to create anything, they are shooting too…

If you want to add to base event some another scripts, like in image event + parent + function, im not sure there, but IMO way how you can do this, is create new blank custom event in base BP, connect function call to end of your custom event where you have functions and in childs call that blank event… This way ± i made weapon functionality…

If you the orange node, right click on the event node and call parent.

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Awesome dude! Never saw that before! Thanks so much! I thought I looked everywhere. I hadn’t seen it talked about anywhere.

Basically, if I set an event in my most parent blueprint called “attack” and it does xyz and then I want to tag along on that event in a child, I can’t without replacing the previous xyz actions in the parent. If you use this “call parent orange node thing” you keep the parent’s function as well as get to use the event in the child. Its really handy. They don’t talk about it much but its super useful.