When will unreal engine 4 support consoles?

I wanted to know when UE4 will support consoles, and when we will be able to put our games on consoles and start testing them? I ask this because of the new self publishing for xbox one and ps4 and would like to know when i could start doing such a thing.

The question of console support has been asked multiple times already, and Epic has stated that they have no plans to announce at the moment in this regard :slight_smile:

Here’s an informative post, see Paul Oliver’s comment



Thank you. I guess i did not look around enough to find out that.

I doubt there are any plans for adding console support for Rocket (or any other widely available UE4 version).
If wish to publish/develop your game for console, create working demo on PC first using rocket, and then contact Epic licensing department. I’m 100% that if you are serious about it, they are going to help you.

The only reason i asked is when I was looking through the code and blueprints there are alot of references to the ps4 and xbox one.

Yes well. Rocket is just more or less stable branch of UE4 for more public testing, it is not different code base. Such things will always be present as no sane person will try to split them and create additional work of maintaining more code bases that is absolutely needed to get things going (;.