When use Customized UVs, The screen isn't come out right!

Hello! I wish to use Customized UVs in Mesh Particle of Particle system.

But, When use this, as an example image below, and not properly screen.

I made material as customized uvs, but put this in mesh, brittle situation is shown.

I wish to using mesh particle applying custimized uvs for moblie enviroment.

help me!

Hello, I want to communicate with you

When chipping the process to use it know how to do? I want to use Customized UVs in Moblie enviroment VFX (mesh particle of particle systems). But, If I use it, absolutely show any broken. As unconditional like it’s going to split. to use vertex There is no solution?

We need to see your exact material graph that is being plugged into the custom UVs in order to be of any use debugging the problem. Most likely your positional values or radius values are not working with the mesh particles but without seeing the graph I am just guessing here.