When to rebuild the server?

Starting to get around multiplayer but i still don’t quite understand how the server works. I didn’t find the answer to this question anywhere with my googlefu so here it goes.

Do i have to ship another server every time i make changes to the game code that relates to multiplayer or do i only have to ship the server once and it is good to go forever? (assuming i’m not touching directly on the server source)

Basically when do i have to compile the server again and what are the best practices?

The Server is the same game just running in a different mode - you always have to rebuild the Server if you change code, unless that code is client-side only and never compiled into the Server build.

The same is true when you make any changes to assets - otherwise Clients won’t be able to join them due to mismatched assets.

I think i tried once to run the same server with a client that had minor code changes hence my confusion, am i wrong to assume that if for example i change a client only variable like movement speed or some mesh size that the server would run fine without recompiling?

EDIT: Never mind you already answered the question.