When packaged, game does not load my chosen level.

Hey guys, I recently picked up the UE4 editor and I have loved it so far and I want to grab the packaged .exe off my computer and show my level to a few people.

However when I package the game and run it, it only loads the example map (the one that is first given to you when choose a new project).

Now I do understand that I am meant to change the default maps in the project settings, however even though I have done this, my exe still just runs the example map? Has anyone run into this problem and found a fix?

Here is a screenshot of my project settings - Maps & Modes

thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Have you click the “Set As Default” button in that section?

i’ve had this issue as well. and when i try and run the level in the ‘launch’ window from the editor, the game window opens and immediately crashes. have you been able to run your game from the exe if you manually open the map through the console windows when you open the example map?