When comes the Faceanimation PlugIn?

Hi there,

i was wondering when the announcent Facialanimation tool comes. In a article Epic say, that a Plugin for the Maya Animation and Rigging tool is currently in work. Is this right or is the PlugIn cancelled? Does anyone know more about it?


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The tool is included with the download. You have to install it but it just creates an standard UE4 character in Maya that you can animate and use as a base for a character that will work perfectly with UE4 and all UE4 assets and animations. You would still have to use Maya’s animation systems to make any animations you need.

Thanks for the answer.

I use the tool. But i thought there is a plugin in work specially for the facialanimation (not the blendshape method). Like FaceFx. Maybe i misunderstood that?

There will be a Face rigging modular system which will be integrated into the ART plugin.
Regarding an actual plugin to create facial animation, at least based on the streaming related to the ART, they said that they’re aware of companies like FaceFX and others who are developing tools in order to create facial animation within UE4, but I don’t think that they’ll develop their own plugin to be released with the ART plugin ( at least for now I suppose )

You can take a look at Faceshift, Faceware and FaceFX if you need facial animation :wink: