When can I get ‘instant stereo rendering' update?

Hi there,

‘instant stereo rendering’: “Instead of having all of your meshes that you’re rendering and submitting them to the GPU twice – once for the left eye and once for the right – this time it just submits them all at once and just draws a copy on the right-hand side with slightly different transforms from the perspective of an eye that’s 6 1/2cm, or whatever it is, across. That makes a lot of the rendering stuff a lot faster.”

I saw this article, sounds awsome!!
Does anyone konw when can I get this update?
Thank you for your help!

I’m currently working on the public implementation of ‘instanced stereo’ rendering based on our research done with Bullet Train (VRFocus misquoted Nick, it’s fast, but not instant :slight_smile: ). The feature is currently planned for release with 4.11

Awesome, looking forward to it!

Great!! Thank you for your reply!

it’s 360 panorama rendering ?