When attaching weapon to character, character movement breaks,

Hi, something very weird is happening with my blueprints. I wanted to make a weapon and attach it to the character in the third person template project. I created a custom component called RightHand which has its parent socket set to hand_r bone on the skeleton.

I then have a BaseGun blueprint which is supposed to be abstract and has placeholder variables for things like velocity and an abstract bullet object reference (which doesn’t get filled yet).

When I press a button (num pad 1 for now) I spawn in a Musket which inherits BaseGun and sets some of the default values and has its own gun mesh. I then attach this to the RightHand component and set the location type to Snap to Target so that it will stay in the hand. Here is the blueprint:

(Adding/removing the socket name doesn’t affect anything)

The problem is that when I do this the gun goes where I want but the movement of my character is from then on completely messed up. It’s hard to explain but when I press any direction of movement my character moves to the left at a much faster speed than normal. It doesn’t work at all… It seems like this should just work. ,

Closed, because of duplucation: