Wheer's that pixie dust? How can I make a 3pc to fly on command?

Following up on my wing armature question, I need to think about making use of the wings and create a flight system for my third person character. I understand that I’ll need the animations for it. Now I need to think about how to do the blueprint. I’m thinking a variable that tells the game if the character is in flight or not, which tells the game to change the controls slightly. not only forward and back, left and right but height controls. I’ll also need to enable this only when the character has wings. Another thing to consider is her wing clearance. Here is my idea on that, which I told to a friend.

Having a winged character later in the game gives me lots of ideas. Starting out you can see goodies but cant get to them. You can go back when she gets her wings but still, just because you can see them dont mean you can land right there and fetch them. I’ll force the player to consider landing room and flight clearance.

You see, too many games don’t consider this, allowing the wings to poke through the walls and floor and the character can go through the smallest space in flight. I want to make the player really think about how to go back and get that treasure. I’m thinking an advanced collision system on the wings. If they’re folded they won’t have such a huge collision. Perhaps each wing joint has a collision cube that will stop the 3pc? I’m not sure. Anyhow, is there a good tutorial that lets the 3pc fly with different controls in the air?