Wheeled Vehicle ..... wheels don't climb obstacle as expected

Using Epic’s sample game and then also building my own “wheeled vehicle” the result was the same.
The wheels don’t gradually climb up on an obstacle. The obstacle penetrates the wheel’s circumference until it reaches the center of the wheel, then pops up … this is illustrated in the video.

I expect that this behavior is probably expected by the developers of the “wheeled vehicle class”, and that’s fine, it works for most situations.

I wan’t to have more of a rock climber style experience with my truck, in my game.
I am also aware that I could modify all obstacle collision shapes to give the appearance of the proper “wheel climbing effect”

But what I really want to ask is… Does anyone have any ideas how I could achieve a better wheel (of a “wheeled vehicle”) that climbs obstacles much more like real life?

youtube link :

That does not seem right at all. Have you checked the collisions on the wheels of the vehicle?

the physics assets for the wheels are spherical and match the wheel circumference,
then in the Wheel setup. the shape is cylinder.
But I should refocus the question as , " Is this normal ? " because as I posted, I have 2 sources that behave like this. If anyone has a vehicle to test with, I’d really appreciate it.

andre si, I have been experimenting withl vehicles with 3 wheels and suspension driven by physics (A helicopter undercarriage in the making). They look a little crazy but they do not drive through things like that. Your vehicle is sitting on the floor nicely so, what is the collision mesh like on your white obstacle ? What happens if you put two white obstacles on top of each other? What happens if you put a second vehicle in the scene and drive into it? do your wheels penetrate another wheel on another vehicle. My bet would be that they don’t. There are some good youtube videos on using physics constraints for a variety of mechanisms including a simple vehicle by a chap called lusiogenic. Your vehicle should absolutely behave like the rock climber that you imagine.