Wheeled Vehicle Respawn Issue

I am using a wheeled vehicle and in the Player Controller. I am following this tutorial on multiplayer How To Make Multiplayer Games in UE4 - Learn By DOING - Ultimate Multiplayer FPS Tutorial Part 1 - YouTube and that works.

I am doing a vehicle respawn after it is killed. When destroyed, I spawn a camera that is overhead, after a delay it is destroyed and then the vehicle should spawn. Everything works fine up to the vehicle spawn.

Here is my script.

Here is a picture of the spawn, no vehicle just a view at ground level.

It does the same thing for server or client.

I also did a test spawn in the vehicle blueprint when the player presses R on the keyboard, and it has the same result. I just had to add a Get Player Controller to the Posses.

Anyone have ideas?

I got it to work, I had to change Collision Handling Override to Always Spawn, Ignore Collisions