Wheel colliders bug when spawning vehicle


I’ve posted this on the AnswerHub, but unfortunately I got no answer.

I’m making a multiplayer game, and I have an issue with my vehicle.

Every time I (re)spawn the vehicle, the wheel colliders are in different places. I’m spawning the vehicle from the GameMode.

Here’s two examples:



And this is how I’m spawning it:


I’m also getting the warning “Attempting to move a fully simulated skeletal mesh”.

I really can’t wrap my head around what’s happening.

Anyone? :frowning:

I’ve had a bunch of issues working with wheeled vehicles myself, it really needs an overhaul.

While I haven’t had your particular issue, I had an issue where my wheel colliders would be of abnormal sizes for no apparent reason, but looked fine when inspecting the PhysicsAsset. I managed to fix it by re-importing my mesh after having reset XForm on all meshes and re-rigged it from the ground up*(also deleted any traces of it from UE4)*.

Does this only happen in a MP environment? Or locally as well? If only when in MP, that is a rather peculiar issue indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

The warning is a bug I reported before which was supposed to be fixed in 4.15. What version are you on?

I also get this while playing locally. I’m using version 4.15.1 which is pretty weird.

I’ve discovered that this happens when having multiple PlayerStarts and randomly spawning on one of them.

If there’s a single PlayerStart, the Wheel colliders are fine.

Could this be a bug?