What's your current workflow?

So, I just bought Quixel Suite in pre-order. Seemed like an amazing product. However it made me question the workflow that I’ll be using with UE4.

So, I’ll model props - Blender probably, but still haven’t decided. Will draw textures with PS, or just use Quixel materials. Then import them on UE4.

What am I missing? I still haven’t done any real progress in this area, still doing the UE4 tutorials (and they’re using example assets).


That’s about it in a nutshell, but to be honest, all these fancy texturing applications are complete overkill if you ask me! I personally know environment artists at Rockstar games and they use the simple basic methods for creating textures. ie: Unwrap UVW your models properly in your 3d app, place textures over the UVW map in Photoshop or Gimp . Enhancement in Photoshop or Gimp, and that’s it.
If you’re modelling creatures or characters in Mudbox, or Zbrush, then most of the texturing is painted on in those apps, so it’s completely unnecessary for yet another application, (especially if you’re not even an expert in the aforementioned apps ! )

Some users tend to completely over do it when assessing what they need to make great models, characters and environments, but the most famous of environment artists can build an environment that looks real and spectacular in any simple application.

Take Tor Frick]( for example,he can create an enviroment and make it gob smacking, with 3ds Max, UDK and Photoshop.