what's wrong with Visual Studio - building UE?


I try to complete this instruction for dedicated server -

Problem with step 5. I begin to debuging about eight hours ago, and there is freeze on [1682/1683] Link UE4Editor.lib …

But in system tasks VS compiler still working (((

ps: I wish if Epics give more easy to get and install dedicated server, future for the online games, not single

But Epic can’t distribute binaries for each build configuration possible, you would need to download lot of GBs of same DLLs. Compilation of UE4 is very hard task for PC so maybe your computer is tired (running out of RAM and have lot of data in virtual), just save solution, restart the computer, open UE4 solution again (make sure nothign changed in configuration!)and click “Build” (Not rebuild!), UBT should contuinue build from point is stoped which seems to be last linking. If it’s stay that long then i don’tk now maybe it is large linking, do you maybe doing monolythic build?

Also ask yourself if you really need dedicated server build, all builds can run in dedicated server mode except “Client” build (which lacks server code all toghther), just start game or project with -server in command line. Your user can simply use client as a server

Shadowriver, thank you for answer and advices, I’m very appreciate it!

I asking fo dedicated server myself many time) Because for my reason probable to write a thousands strings of code by null. I want to in the future make game with a lot statistic and as consequence database and several servers.

But at now I just to want begin from small presentation - deploy the server on the Internet (because my ip is not constant, and the computer can be turned off) and give to a not a lot amount people (at the same time) to test concept with a small interactions.

And for testing this I try to raise dedicated server on my own machine.

In the UE documentation (A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums) I’m like a monkey do some but not understanding for what(( If documentation will be more expand - promotion of UE will be more wider

At now I try to open Visual Studio - UE4.sln , and it just not responsible, system Idle about 95 %.

update: after restart it build! thank you again!
may be you could give a links for understand this part?