Whats wrong with this material and how can i fix it?

The modeler working with me made a corner piece for the walls, It works fine except there is a problem, near the edge its all weird looking, theres a picture below. It goes away when rotated a little bit, but i cant rotate it obviousley cause then it wouldnt fit the wall, I have a world align texture added to the material, thats it. Whats wrong and how could i fix it? He re did the UV’s like 2 times with no results.

Is it clipping through the wall on the Y axis? If so, try to push it back (either on X or Y)

Hi, no not that i can see.

Can you show the uv unwrap/wireframe?
Or here Google

The wireframe has pretty much nothing there.

EDIT: oops sorry, I forgot to post the image :stuck_out_tongue:

Are your other meshes pure quads before export?
I have not much experience, with world align materials, but exact topo caused for me problems, similar to yours.
From that point on, i stopped completely usage of tris, before export and problems stopped(in 3d app).
But it could be also a problem with that UV map too.
Look at your other meshes, when they use the full UV size for one face(outer one) and now you use only 1/4 width.
I would search in that stuff for solution.
Easy to try out. Make a corner out of two quads and try to use reset uv shape to use full single cube uv for single quad. Do not care about overlap warning, test it.
Only my 50 cent, sry for bad english.
Edit: When you unwrap, be sure, the quads follow the same rules top/top left/left…
Important for that modular/singlefaced stuff, if you ask me