What's the purpose of having the forum AND the answer hub?

Currently, if I’m stuck and looking for help, I search both, the forum and the hub. What’s the point in having both? It would seem, to be able to have general and broader discussions here and quick to the point questions over there, stackoverflow style.

Is that what the hub was intended for? If so, why not just establish a UE4 tag on SO? Or if that’s not enough, a separate exchange.

Right now, we have quick questions polluting the discussion forums and making it difficult to find answers. At the same time, lots of people don’t seem to quite understand the answer hub yet, posting comments and further questions as answers.

By the way, the Unreal team’s activity on both sites is exemplary! thumbs up

well I am not sure anymore, the old UE4 forum was for discussing stuff and getting help from other users/epic devs and the old equivalent of the answer hub let you ask the epic devs directly to get support (because it was all new to us;)), although I don’t like the answer hub style forum so I don’t use it.


You’re right. The forums are now mostly for discussing things while the answer hub is for Q&A. It’s immensely helpful in my opinion, as it subscribes your e-mail to any replies to your question so you know right away if someone answered you. Plus, it offers karma points and badges which are fun to accumulate for helping people. :slight_smile:


The answer hub was set-up for us, the BETA UE4 testers and it worked great until UE4 was released. Overnight it became spammed with millions of repetitive questions because most of the new users didn’t bother using search filters for their questions.

I agree also, it just over-complicates finding answers when you have to log into both, (separately too).
I suggested that they delete many of the repetitive posting and warn users who continually posts pointless or nonsense threads like : SAMPLE “what do you think of this” because they’re of no use to anyone searching for answers.

Epic seems to have taken note and I’ve noticed Steven Ellis, (Epic Games) is locking lots of double posts. The problem there is that those double and septuple posts are clogging up the answer-hub already. Imagine it by next year :smiley:

I’d much prefer a single forum like this, and it would be easier to moderate and delete all the rubbish :cool:

You don’t need to login to search or read the forum or the answerhub, but if you want to avoid searching them separately you can use the search box here to search the docs, forums and answerhub all at once.


  • Focused questions and direct answers to them
  • Descriptive bug reports for Epic
  • Assistance with troubleshooting Installation & Setup issues


  • Open discussions, broad questions not likely to have a single answer, sharing ideas and workflows
  • Feedback and suggestions for Epic with input from other users (we like Polls)
  • Letting others know what you are working on, and getting help with it


  • Community driven resources (Tutorials/Documentation) to provide explanations up-front to prevent the need for questions on the AnswerHub or Forums.

As mentioned, we are working on organization and cleanup of both the AnswerHub and Forums, and the systems will improve over time.

so its still basically the same, good to know:)

If you’ve ever used a site like you will see how incredibly useful the answerhub is.
I for one think it’s fine to keep the two things separated.


I like the split as well, keeps the forum from flooding with Bug/Crash/etc threads and as LexLuthor1 already mentioned there is a big group of people having serious difficulties formulating their questions sensibly and typing them into search box :wink:

To reinforce what Stephen said - AnswerHub is meant to be a built of reference that folks can easily search/find answers to long after the forums have moved on. Forums are great for more frequent conversations and can often dive into discussions that aren’t necessarily just addressing a specific issue. At the end of the day however they’ll ultimate be used in the best way the community sees to use them, and we’ll just roll with it on our end. :slight_smile: