What's the most professional work flow when making a game

Obviously you can’t put your pants on first and your underrated under ware second so what’s the best work flow for making a game.

Map first?
Ai first?

I’m looking for input from any professionals to better my work flow

I think you should implement the core gameplay mechanics before anything else. Then create the first level of your game, with a blockout to help out. Try to implement your basic mechanics and create a level up to your personnal standards.

^^The reverse of this^^ … :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, the right answer is whatever you’re most productive at, or whatever keeps you going. If you don’t know yet, then try both. But for me there is a clear trend… Visual people with no game dev experience and marginal math, should be more cautious about starting out with gameplay mechanics. Why? It might cause one to quit! The reverse is equally true. Math heads may give up quickly if they feel their art-side is just too weak. But that’s not all that game dev is about, so its important to just keep going. Serendipitous discoveries are common all the time, and when you get a bite, you’re hooked!

But what if you want stats on this? If there are any, I haven’t seen them yet… However, based on an informal survey of past similar threads, most devs start out creating gameplay mechanics. Game jams are a good route to try as they push you. So that’s something to look at maybe. However personally, a level full of grey meshes and mannequins or other crude placeholder art, is enough to kill my interest quick. On the flip side, gameplay mechanics are hard, far harder than juggling meshes and landscapes around to create passable levels etc.

So overall if you’re a story based person you’ll probably want to create rudimentary art that keeps your interest early on. But if you’re a fast study and can master gameplay mechanics quickly, you may find that the art side just slows you down. But hey, just my 2c, and you’ll probably have to figure it out for yourself as everyone is different… :slight_smile: