What's the easiest way to re-build the in-engine Java files?

I have checked out the GitHub source, generated project files, and built inside Visual Studio.
However, the .java files do not appear to be built into .class files, much less .jar files.
What is the right way to re-build the Android java wrapper/loader app? (Preferably from the command line)

The java files are compiled during packaging or launch as part of the making the APK. Just change the java files and repackage and the automation will take care of it by calling ant-build.

Thanks for the answer!
Is there a faster way to get a syntax-check of my Java changes than waiting for a full package while I’m developing?

If you have packaged your project, there will be a <project>/intermediate/APK folder with the files needed to build the APK. The java source files will be in the src folder. If you edit these and run “ant.bat debug” or “ant.bat release” from the APK folder it will compile the java and try to build an APK. Just remember to copy any edits back before doing a packaging again or they will be lost.

If you are only changing code, you can use the resulting APK in the bin folder (<project>-debug.apk). The release builds will be unsigned (<project>-release-unsigned.apk).

Thanks, Chris!

“Remember to copy the changes back” … speaking from experience? :slight_smile: