Whats The Deal With Xcode Support?

I have been WAITING around for a couple years to be able to build a game using Unreal Engine And Xcode (if I could use ANY other IDE that worked … I would).

Anyways … For YEARS now I could never really XCODE to work with Unreal Engine… Even just creating the simplest project like Third Person Template… The .cpp files SHOW ALL ERRORS
… I have been thru EVERY FREAKING little article about letting the project index… and rebuilding the index… But it NEVER WORKS…

This is supposed to be the BEST (available) HARD-CORE Game Engine using high performance C++ (compared to like unity or something).

How can ANYBODY be expected to actually produce a game using a Editor that is full of errors and NO intellisens (sometimes SOME classes show auto-complete) but most times NOT.

All those millions of dollars and triple AAA console games made with Unreal Engine and the FREAKING source code editor (at least for Mac…Xcode) is complete crap.

NOTE: Its DOES actually build successfully… But come on man… You cant build a real game with this XCODE implementation of a source editor… I mean really you would better of using a PLAIN OL TEXT EDITOR… because besides Tyler being a project that contains all the code for your game… it is completely useless…

SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME … ALL THIS IS JUST ME… Xcode works fine… does not show a million errors just simply opening the project and has auto-complete… I am just a dumb ■■■ and everything is working fine… PLEASE TELL ME THAT IS THE CASE.

Common… somebody… has ANYONE got Xcode working WITHOUT errors that are not really errors and auto-complete or intellisence ???

For the love of God… Is there NO ONE else on the planet using Unreal on a Mac with Xcode… Please tell me what I need to get the Xcode to works… auto-complete and NOT showing a bunch of Ghost errors (Says it cant find classes and shows red error squiggles … BUT IT WILL ACTUALLY COMPILE)

This is really kind of contextual to what issues you are running into. You haven’t mentioned what errors you are experiencing other than saying the .cpp files “show all errors”. Can you paste in what those errors are?

Why are you fighting with Xcode? Why not use Visual Studio which is far better?

I’m running Xcode 9 with various versions of Unreal. I do get errors but ignore them and compile without issues. Try firing up a prefab template like the Puzzle game and making minor changes to the grid amount. (variable is called size) Instead of 3x3 make it an 11x11 then compile the project and run the game.

That’s exactly what I did and had no issues.

Visual Studio is a superior IDE to Xcode… so if that is an option for you I’d do it.

@Todd1010 Does Visual Studio For Mac Work With Unreal ???

Btw… all the funny Xcode IDE errors go away if you Change the project settings to C++ 14 Dialect… FYI.

If you question is just does it work with Xcode?.. then the answer is … yes,It does work with XCode.

I use it with XCode.

You need to be more specific with your issue if you need further assistance.

BTW… the new Unreal Visual Studio Code with Full C++ is working great on Mac :slight_smile:

Holy ■■■■… Even all the UPROPERTY macro options work with intelligence in VSCode for Mac … Yeah :slight_smile: