What's the best way to use UIWS with World Composition?

So what would be the best way to go about implimenting the Unified Interactive Water System in world composition?

I read from the UIWS documentation that I need to add a UIWS manager to the persistent level to be able to load UIWS water actors alongside streamed levels when they become visible and I also saw in a debug tutorial that only the water around the character is simulated so the rest of the water body is not simulated until a character walks close, but my question is:

Is it more performance friendly to use one water actor inside the persistent level spanning the entire map or is it better to just add a manager to persistent level and add water actors to each streamed level individually, and if so, then what is the best way to scale each individual actor to fit the bounds of their respective level?

I’m not sure if or when we’ll get an answer here, so I’ll post this reply on the forums from @ixicalibur here

“OP, I use UIWS, water manager in persistent level, then just scale each water actor you need for each sublevel and UIWS will take care of it all. you can set the size of the area that gets simulated in the manager.”

Hope that helps others out too.