What's the best way of handling a situation where I want a Button/Key to do something in the character.. But then also do something in a menu

I’d like to be able to have my (A) button Jump… but also function as a hotkey for when (RightBumper) is held down… and then also be mappable to logic in UI situations…

Is the best way to just have it all come through the player controller and then route it everywhere from there in the needed situations??

I really like how UE4 lets you have input events in other scripts than just player controllers…
Would be cool to have something simple that utilizes stuff under the hood

The way I do it, I have the player controller handle all key presses and dispatch to the appropriate pawn depending on the current state of the game. If I’m in a menu, button 1 goes to menu select. In game, button 1 goes to item action, and so forth.

I also don’t map button presses to specific actions. I map every key to a single action and process the key structure appropriately in the code. That way, I have total control without weird routing.

Use a branch. When RB is depressed, disable other inputs, then branch it and check if second key is pressed. Do your action there afterwards.