What's causing this werid physics?

I’m making a physics based rope. It’s a rope mesh with 30 bones in it. Right now it works like this:

One end is physically constrained to a small pole and when the player is near it another bone in the rope is physically constrained to a small cube and this cube follows the player. The bone in this case is determined by the players distance to the pole. If the player is next to the pole the bone that connects to the cube is the bone closest to the pole. If the player is far away it’s the bone farthest from the pole. This is all done in the one rope blueprint. This is probably a horrendous way for me to get a bone to follow the player but I can’t figure out a better one for now.

It can be seen in the video. My player is the FPS player so I look at the shadow on the floor to show you what’s happening.

Problem is as you see in the video, when I get half way close to the pole the rope starts to freak out between the player and the pole. I have no idea why this happens. I guess because of the two constraints so close to each other? But look at this other video. I discovered that if the player is on a slope and above the pole the rope behaves nicely. In the video I step down the slope to be level with the pole and you can see the rope go crazy as soon as.

I personally never could do anything (good) similar to this system you are trying to do. Whenever the physics need anything that isn’t super smooth things get freaky.
My sugestion would be to reduce (a lot) the number of bones (start with 3 and go up) and then mess with the physics parameters.