What's a good capture method for VR?

How does one record in game footage of their vr game? I can’t seem to find a way to capture footage from my project without the anti aliasing being really poor. I was curious what other games use to showcase their product when they make a trailer or something.

I’ve tried to use the console and force my game into full screen, and I’ve tried forcing the resolution up as well, but I can’t seem to get anything close to “good”.

I would imagine there’s something I might have missed?

bumping. Surely there’s a way!

For best quality is best to just record the movements (hmd, motion controllers, buttons and so on) and replay them on normal camera with controllers (just the mesh). The blueprint will be a little messy with a lot variables and so on but it works. If not, there is a solution where you can get kind of “HD” screen (without the black borders) but the quality is kind of meh, good enough.

Have you looked into Bandicam? There is Open Broadcast Software (OBS) as well as which is an open source, free option.

hmm… Yea I think NasteX might be on to something… It’s really not a screencapture record I’m looking for here though. I can record my screen with all kinds of software… The problem is, is recording it well… lol.

I’m curious how Epic Games made a trailer for robo recall… The game videos look amazing, but I can’t seem to find out how they did it. Or how other VR games are recording footage. My preview window on my desktop while playing looks soo bad… I obviously don’t want to record that footage since it’s soo poor.

It’d be interesting to figure out a good quality way to record footage from someone playing VR…