What you wish you knew when getting startet with Unreal

For those of you experienced people, you have been a noob to once, so I am asking for advice to us current noobs: “what you wish you knew”… Please just a little short note, choose like a single crucial tip or trick.

Related specific to Unreal of course.

Edit: of course if you have 20 years experience a lot of stuff is probably outdated, lol, but please try to play along.

I wish I knew in advance just how challenging ‘Online-Multiplayer’ work really is…
It kind of kills all the fun, as Local Split-Screen / LAN-prototyping isn’t that hard.

So its easy to fool yourself that you can scale all of this up / you’ve got it covered:
Physics-Rewind / Replication-Lagsync / authority-anti-cheat / Large-Worlds glue…
Its a lot to deal with and that’s only half. More on that topic here, too lazy to copy it. :stuck_out_tongue: