what would you like to see in Unreal Engine 4

what would you like to see in Unreal Engine 4

-Proper hierarchy and pivot points
-Mesh colliders with prefix (like for UCXes)
-Mesh LODs with prefix (like Unity)
-Objects animations
-Vertex animations
-Automatic lightmaps assignment for composed meshes, and not limited to only one
-Better vertex snapping inside of editor
-Node wire pins in material editor like we have in blueprints
-Materials Layering
-Opaque glass material
-Cloth Editor
-System for character definition (like Unity Mecanim Humanoid, but customizable)

Quick question. Are you aware that this exist?

I would love to have the Tutorial Icon stop blinking.

But the best/most needed thing I really want in UE:

Full Desktop support.

Try to put your Taskbar on top of your screen. The Launcher window and/or Editor Window will hate you and keep falling behind the taskbar (making you to relocate the taskbar to move the windows and then put your taskbar back on top of the screen).

Also, the Launcher tray-menu is ALWAYS facing UP, with the Taskbar on top of the screen, you can see the buttom of the “Exit” text from the menu…

Yeah, I know, in fact… This post shouldn’t be in this section. I just couldn’t hold myself and responded just by reflex.

**Dynamic Planetary Terrain:

**This which is already in UE4 but combined with this from Unity

I have been waiting for Vertex Animations!!! It is one of the highest rated tasks on Trello, but seems like they keep overlooking it. It has been a task for almost two years!