What would be the best way to add 2 types of guns into a shooter game

Hey guys im stuck in a game development at the moment
i have 1 sort of gun which already damages the character and loses health and respawns when health reaches 0
but i want to add another type such as a stun gun which shoots projectiles and once the stun bar goes 0 the character will go sleep/ragdoll and add a timer to it or a teammate helping out to wake the character back up again

(multiplayer shooting game)

thank you

Hi there,

pleaes try to make your question redable. It’s not easy to follow. Anyway…

The best way is to create a master Blueprint (or C++ class) from your weapon. We call this for e.p. WeaponBase_BP. In this BP you can define your weapontype through a ENUM. Let’s say in your ENUM - (Enum Number…) 1 = Pistol, 2 = Shotgun, 3 = Stun Gun and so on.

From your baseweapon make a new Weapon Blueprint. This BP is a child of your WeaponBase BP. In your new weapons BP define the ENUM, what type this weapon is.
Now you can spawn in your Character this Weapontype over the class from the Weapon BP…

But have a look into this:

There you will find a complete Tutorial for this. You can make this working with multiplayer too.