What was the filter frequency of the LPF in pre 4.11?

The new audio features are great, sure. Unfortunately we are about to launch the game and I have no time to implement them. :frowning:

I did notice that we can now (finally) set the filter frequency. However after the update the default max frequency is set to 20khz which makes suddenly makes a huge chunk of assets that happen to use attenuation override settings play back without any distance filtering at all. I wanna batch set the max frequency of all these assets, but what was the frequency before the update?


Did you ever figure this out? Experiencing the same issue.

Yes, I did, sort of. Going by ear with some white noise played on a cue and setting the same lpf attenuation, in an empty scene in both 4.10 and 4.11, I found the frequency to be 2400 or somewhere around there.

Where you can I would recommend going through the sounds and setting the frequency to something that sounds better, as 2.4 khz is way to high for such a filter imo.