What video tutorials or tips could you give me so I can start this project

Hello, I am doing a small project for myself. I am totally novice with unreal 4 and I am just now starting to get into it.

To start off with I would like to make a prototype with the player as a cursor or spot on the mini map. This map here to be exact.
Any video tutorials that come close to teaching the process I need to create this?

I want to be able to walk the icon through this overhead map and once I get that part finished I want to learn how to make random fights occur while traversing the map, sort of like a Pokemon encounter. From there I will learn how to make a turn based fighting system if I get that far.

If I do manage to finish this project, I will then focus on using zbrush to create a 3d version of the map instead of using the 2d map.

If anyone has any tips or video tutorials that covers something like this please send me that way! Thank you.

I’m thinking to start off with…

  1. make a floor plane in unreal.
  2. Make a texture for the floor that posts the map image on to it.
  3. Fix a camera from the top view looking down onto the map.
  4. Set up some sort of blueprint camera that follows an icon/cursor on the map.
  5. Set up limits for the icon to not go past the borders of the map.
  6. Set a desired speed for the icon.
  7. More!..

I would recommend Adam Davis’s videos on Youtube, and start attending his Wed. and Friday live blueprint training sessions on Twitch. He is always willing to try and answer questions during the live sessions. You may even give him an idea on what to train on.

Thank you, I’ll skim over the video titles.