What types of projects in 3D Game Programming Course did you have?

Greets Wonderful Community!

First and foremost I’m extremely excited and happy to be using this piece of wonderful software. I absolutely love it and have become obsessed within the two months I’ve been tinkering with it.

My college will be offering a 3D Game Programming course soon and will be using Unreal Engine (as of this post, as we all know things can change ) and I’m curious what types of projects fellow students have experienced that have taken a 3D Game Programming course? E.g. “Project1 : Get some 3D models up and showing” “Project 2: Some basic functionality for player to jump/shoot/interact with the world” “Project 3: Add some basic AI” … etc. And thoughts on each project, if the expectations of a student learning Unreal Engine on top of making the project was too much.

I’m just curious what type of projects to expect. Any input would be highly appreciated!

Thank you!