What type of Indie developer am I?

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That’s not a thing


what type of an Indie developer I am

Inuit, Cree, Naskapi, Saulteaux, Cherokee, Miwok, Sioux, Coast Salish People, Shoshone, Paiute, Sauk People

Bad joke, bad pun, bad play on words. You must be …drum roll… native American… ;p ba dum tss

It’s honestly so bad I don’t even know whether it’s a joke…

I make my own games, but I’m not an indie. They just assume I’m native American because I make my own computer games. I should go to a Native American conference and I’ll find some Indie’s there to work with.

Rather than being labelled “Indie Games” as it’s too obvious, my games will be labelled as “Redskin Games”.

If you’re referring to Indians, they’re inhabitants of India… not America. Don’t even get me started on turkeys.

You are not an Indie.

Indie is short for independant.

You are asking for help. And are therefor Interdependant.

Once you have told yourself, “I do whatever I want”…

Then you will be an Indie. And we will learn what “Type” you are by the work you “Want” done.

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A racist one?