What should i study to learn wall building like the sims?

i think i need to learn about splines but all the tutorials i find are just in editor and i need it in game. I’d also like to learn how click and drag would make a whole line of walls and shift click would make a rectangle… i just dont know where to start. Any advice is appreciated.

Download epic Zen garden in the epic game launcher. and there is a mini game it is made on splines where you draw on the sand I think if you understand how it works you can draw the walls like this plus tie them to the grid.
I think its good start.

Unfortunately epic games has removed this app from access to purchase Epic Zen Garden in Epic Content - UE Marketplace

maybe somewhere you can find another version on the file sharing site or if you take it earlier

Thanks I’ll give it a shot. I downloaded that before they took it down hopefully it’ll let me install it. Thanks!