What should I be doing or not knowing what it is

The newest version lately 4.15x it, in the video feature, it showed how a you can animate a character inunreal engine yourself as the similarly would do and Iclone and an Poser3d and I’m not sure what this called in the documentation. For example it showed in the video that , lets say you want to punch. You would perhaps rotate the sholder, elbo, hand with key frames allowing the automatic movement of the limbs. Can someone point this out to me as to where it is in the documentation? Thanks!

It is an upcoming feature in 4.16

Just a note though–animation tools in UE4 for that are not going to be as good as what you can get in a 3D software, it’s still better to do your character animation beforehand.

Just use Allright Rig. It’s amazing.

Ok thanks for the info guys. I’ve never heard of Allright Rig but I will check it out.