What reasons could trip an RPC send?


I have an RPC that I just cannot get to trigger going from remote to authority during p2p LAN play. And I am stumped as to why.
I have plenty of other RPC’s that are working for that Pawn whenever I test but this latest one just doesn’t want to work.

I have checked that,

  • The Pawn is still owned by the player on the remote client.
  • The blueprint part of the script actually reaches that section.
  • The two clients are otherwise communicating fine.

I strangely had one of the two new RPC’s that didn’t want to work but then I set it to ‘reliable’ and it started triggering. I shouldn’t have to do that though and also I’m on LAN so there shouldn’t be saturation or packet loss and I have done the test run many times and it still doesn’t work.
The other RPC won’t trigger even with ‘reliable’ on.

I do have a Multicast copy that is identically set up except that it is a Multicast and that works fine going from Authority to Remote.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what the problem might be or how I can look? I don’t even know where to look now.

Cheers, Fredrik

Here’s some ‘stat net’ for auth and remote: