What Poly Count should I aim for?

Hey Everyone, I am wondering what the average poly count is these days for the main character in a high end game by today’s standards? My current character is at about 11k polys and I would like to add more detail if possible. My goal as an artist is to put together a short game focused more on the visuals, fluid and dynamic animations and less on the game play mechanics themselves. I am going for realism. With that in mind what kind of poly count can I budget for without making it impossible to play. Obviously a low end machine wouldn’t be able to run the game, but that is okay with me. I am doing this more to showcase the design then anything else.

When aiming for ‘realism’, the target polycount is always “The bleeding-edge of currently available hardware and software”, and is generally decided by your own budget.
In this case, have a look at Star Citizen (They have a lot of great stuff you can watch to see their polycounts and other such things on their youtube page), and the ‘Infiltrator Demo’ (Bearing in mind that this needs atleast 32GB of RAM to even open).

I’m assuming you’re being hyperbolic, because the infiltrator demo doesn’t require that much Ram to open.

In regards to the topic, I’ve seen polycounts for characters in current gen games range anywhere from 80k to 100k. You can definitely go a bit higher than 11k if you need too.