What Object is moving during runtime, when I hit Play?

Hi, I have a big problem, can’t solve that one but I guess for most people it’s easy.
I opened up a new level and use the player_start as it is in the level. So I can press “Play” and I can move and so on.

I now want to get the position of where I am at that moment I try to get the transform and print it. And it prints its location (Location of Player_Start), but the problem is, that it is its spawn location. Can’t do anything like that. I triet to attach something to the player start, eg a camera to get the Camera View and the Location out of it through the BreakMinimalViewInfo-Node.
Same problem, always gets me the spawnpoint, not the actual position.

So my question is, what the hell do I have to do if I just want to get my actual position. I don’t know how to setup your own blueprint with the capability to move so I really want to use the “Star_Player” as its really easy for me.

This post may have/contain some hints…
But really, you just got to invest the time…