What kind of payment does Epic take on the marketplace


Yesterday I attempted to put a MasterCard in so I can use it to purchase items on the Marketplace however, when I was done enter all the required information and clicked save changes. It stated payment was declined, in red in the upper left of the screen.

The card is new and has been used yet it is activated and ready to be used. If you could send a email to jerry.inclenrock@Outlook.com to inform me on what happened.

Thanks for your time

Hi xFREDx,

I apologize for the delay. After speaking with our finance team, it seems that this was around the same time of a issue with updating account information. This issue has been resolved and you should now be able to use this card on your account. If you have any further issues adding the card to your account, please email us at marketplace-support@unrealengine.com. We will look into this issue further.