What kind of lighting should i use?

I’m working on mobile game. This game use random generation position for part of level. So, level contains “part of levels”, which spawn in random position on the level every time when i restart the game .

To implement this i use Actor how “part of level” - 1 actor contains static meshes which form the part of level. Level contains around 5 actors.

My question is what kind of lighting should i use?

If i use Static lights inside “actors - part of level” my part of level on the level is absolutely dark.

If i use Movable lights - it is work, but does not work correctly. And yes I know that Movable lights isn’t good for performance.

Hi pavelhirys,

If you’re using random generation for your you will not be able to use static lighting since it is precomputed. You’re option here would be to use movable lighting, but as you mention it can be expensive on mobile devices.

Some things to know as well. With mobile, only the Directional Light can cast dynamic shadows, and you can use dynamic point lights, but these do not have dynamic shadowing implemented for them just yet and you by default you are limited to 4 dynamic point lights. However, this can be changed in the Project Setting > Rendering > Max Dynamic Point Lights.

I hope this helps.