What is wrong with my lighting?

Hello everyone,

I seem to be experiencing some very uneven lighting on my imported mesh:

The shadows on the unlit faces of this ornamental window bit seem way too dark. Skylight is being used and its intensity is set to 1, increasing it further beyond doesn’t solve the issue. Indirect lighting intensity for both the directional and skylight is set to something around 5, again, modifying it doesn’t change a thing.

This is the lightmap for this mesh:

What can be causing this behaviour?

Thank you

Hi there,

You light map resolution is really low (64) try bumping this up quite a bit. So try either 1024, 2048 or 4096 etc.

Also what is you mesh set to? Static, Stationary or movable? Try setting it to Stationary.

Mesh is set to static, lightmap resolution is at 1024. I also tried disabling static lighting and it looks identical which seems a bit strange, as I guess all those bright desert colours and the sky shouldn’t let those shadows go that dark.

Figured it all out, my bad. Had both my lighting sources set to movable, had it set this way from a while ago, not a dedicated map for these meshes to end up in eventually. It’s working properly now.