What is the simplest movement possible?

SetActorLocation and SetActorRotation, which you can call on tick, adding to position on every tick. Just remeber to scale all movement to delta time.

I’ve recently made an A* Pathfinding system in blueprint, and I am currently trying to use this as a base for building a tactical, tile-based, turn-based game. One of the first things I need is to have a pawn follow the path I have generated in my pathfinding system. I’ve found a plethora of methods for moving pawns and characters, but they are mostly centred on games using physics and navmeshes, which are unnecessary in my game. I’m looking for the simplest movement option possible for moving a character (ideally a pawn) in straight lines from node to node in my generated path. Physics, collision and anything else is not needed, and I don’t want a navmesh. What would be the simplest and most efficient method for getting the result I want?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I may end up using characters and navmesh anyway, though, as I might want to use some of the additional functionality later on. I’m considering having tiles in different elevations, and I imagine using actors and navmeshes will make it easier to have characters move up steps (instead of gliding through corners).